Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Technical Writer

Job Description

Participate in the  design, implementation,  and  deployment of  product documentation  
within a project team structure, in accordance with institutionalize processes and delivery standards. Contribute to  the  improvement of  technical  writing processes,  existing  product documentation and its  deployment, through the  latest  technical writing technologies and their associated tools.
 Possess good  working  knowledge of  current  technical writing  methodologies related  
 tools and formats, including Oxygen XML, Frame Maker, DITA/XML, PDF HTML, Java,etc
 Demonstrate strong  ability  in both  written  and spoken  English  (Mandarin is optional but preferred). Competent journalistic  skills  coupled with  strong  IT background  will  be  an advantage.

Degree in Electrical/Electronics/Computer Engineering, or related fields
 A Bachelor’s Degree in a technical discipline related to Information Technology (specifically, Computer Science & Network Security)

Experience: 3 Years


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