Wednesday, 15 January 2014


To attend Kick-off and support and maintenance handover (SAMIR) meetings to
understand project scope and clarify the deliverables status
To provide Operational Requirement and Specification (ORS) to the delivery Project Manager
To review the contract (Service Level Agreement), Functional Requirement and Specification (FRS)

She/he is responsible of the Service Level Agreement (SLA) delivery to the customer
She/he manages relationship with customers and ensures their satisfaction
She/he ensures internal communicationTo be the escalation entry point for Incident where customer action is needed

To be the main interface with customers for daily relationship
To provide a very transparent and fluent communication with customers
To prepare and perform operational kick-off meetings
To make monthly meetings, manage crisis and perform action plan follow up and study
change request with solution sales
To ensure monthly report completion, validation, MKS/SVN storage and communication to customer
To support production engineers on communication for with customers
To coordinate when needed all actions on customer platform (change management, project set up, campaign …)
To propose and manage changes to comply with contract or Key Performance Indicator 
To communicate change to production engineer
To explain the Operated Services Delivery (OSD) production missions to other department
To represent OSD production in internal meetings

Operated Services Delivery (OSD) teams
Service Delivery teams from OSD
Delivery Center teams
Solution Sales
Account managers
Purchasing department
Solution Support teams
Technical consultants
Account managers

Customers (mainly marketing, technical and responsible people)

To manage autonomously standard projects
To be able to manage relationship with the customers and alert about difficulties
To identify opportunities that may generate extra revenue
To support account management related to technical topics

To manage international projects/services with remote stakeholders
To be able to delegate technical follow up within the team
To manage conflict situations with the customers according to project context and actors
To generate, according to project context and actors, extra revenue on projects
To be able to contribute to commercial and contractual offers
To perform knowledge sharing missions such as contributing to process and
project management improvements in his/her organization and training junior
project managers or newcomers

Computer or Electronic Science Engineer/Master’s Degree
Engineer/Bachelor degree in Computer or Electronic Sciences

Level 1
≥ 3years as Development Engineer (development, validation and/or system integration)
≥ 2 years in technical supervising (specification, design and team)
Level 2
≥ 3years as Project Manager
Level 1 background

Crisis management
Customer relationship management
Risk management
Cost management
Configuration management
Quality Assurance management
Requirement management
Contract management
SLA management

Presales process
Quality Assurance process (Best practices)
Customer Development Life Cycle (For GGS in house and Operated
Services Delivery project)

STiM (call tracking tool GGS/PDL/R&D/Support)
MKS SI/SVN (Configuration Management)
Microsoft Project
Office Tools
Linux-Unix (or variants) admin
Unix/Shell scripts

Unix scripting (Awk,Perl) – Phyton
Monitoring (SNMP, JMX, op5 Monitoring, Nagios, Cacti)
Network administration (TCP/IP, switches, firewall …)
Application servers (Weblogic, Jboss, Apache Tomcat) SOAP
Oracle 10,11 scripting (PL-SQL/SQL)
Corba (Visibroker…)
Clusterware (Veritas/SUN/Red Hat Cluster)
Back up tools (Veritas Netbackup)

Project Performance and on-time delivery = SLA Respect follow up
Project quality = respect of process
Customer Satisfaction Why Index ≥ 625
Revenue ≥ Forecast
Profitability = margin in line with our target


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