Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Embedded Software –Research

You will be involved in the design and development of software components for Clients research activities. Being experienced in a wide range of software development, from deeply embedded to server applications, you will participate to the activities of a small R&D team around the Internet of Things topic.

Supports the team activity in its Internet of Things effort by being a bridge between embedded and server developments.
Actively contribute to the improvement of existing technology platform/baseline
Contribute to technology portfolio in pioneering new fields and patent proposal.

Degree in Electrical/Electronics/Computer Engineering, or related fields
Minimum 8 years experience as a software engineer preferably in an embedded systems environment (good understanding of embedded constraints is a must)
Proficiency in C (/C++) and Java Programming language is a must
Ability to switch task often and work on various activities/technologies
Experience in server application development is appreciated
Experience in communication protocols (HTTP, TCP, USB, ISO7816…) is a plus
Working knowledge of scripting languages (perl. Python) is an advantage
Strong drive in technology exploration

Ability to propose his own solutions, proactive on innovation.

Mobile Applications Developer-Android

Software Engineer—Mobile Applications

You will be responsible for the development, customization and validation of Clients mobile applications for our Telecom customers (worldwide operators).


Participate in the design, implementation, customization and validation of mobile phone (Android, J2ME and iPhone) applications within the Digital Life Management project.

Improvement of existing technology platform/baseline and development methodology.

Participate to maintenance of existing mobile applications developed.


Degree in Electrical/Electronics/Computer Engineering, or related fields.

Proficiency in Android, J2ME or iPhone development environment (e.g. Android SDK, J2ME SDK, Objective-C, iPhone SDK and etc) is a must. Knowledge of Java (ideally JavaCard), Visual Basic (.NET) programming and other mobile application environment (e.g. Symbian, Windows Mobile, Black Berry) is a plus. Any previous experience in application delivery and certification to apps store will be a plus and please provide us with the application reference.

Hands-on experience in compilers, simulators, and emulators in embedded system environment.

Strong interest in mobile applications ecosystem and social network environment is a must. Interest in smart card technologies, Telecom Standards (ETSI, 3GPP, etc) will be a good plus.

Minimum 1-2 years experience as a Software Engineer on mobile environment is required.

However, fresh graduates with relevant academic or personal project experience on above mentioned mobile platform development are welcome to apply.

Motivated self-starter, strong logical, creative problem-solving skills and excellent analytical skills.