Sunday, 6 March 2016


Job Description:

  • Understand software specification and requirements from documents provided by Systems Analyst and develop deliverables
  • Perform quality check and submit deliverables to Systems Support for final quality control
  • Prepare installation manual and user manual (if required)
  • Research and suggest software development platform upgrade, knowledge base upgrade and new technology support to the assistant manager and senior software engineer
  • Analyze and design software system flow based on software proposal, software specification and related documents prepared by System Analyst
  • Develop and test software system accordingly with the agreed software specification
  • Prepare and maintain software documentation (i.e. installation manual, operation manual)
  • Collaborate with System Analyst for Alpha version demonstration and Beta version demonstration
  • Collaborate with Support Team for deployment, system fine tuning and technical supports
  • Provide technical knowledge and skill to 3rd party software company for them to integrate label printing, data collection system, etc
  • Receive source code, builds, installer package and related resources and store properly in department server
  • Collaborate with 3rd party software companies for skill set improvements
Job Requirements:

Graduate in computer science with minimum 3 years experience required
Should have knowledge in AIDC,RFID
Programming Languages - C++, C#, VB.NET, HTML (+ Java, JavaScript, PHP, SQL SP, other)
Data File Structure - XML, CSV
Database Systems (Database and related tools) - Microsoft SQL, Oracle (+ MySQL, PostgreSQL, other)
ERP Systems - Oracle, SAP
Operating Systems - Windows (+ Android, Mac OS X, Unix Like, iOS)
Mobile Computers,Web Platform,Network Products and Networking
Software and system Concept
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